Witchblade (2006) English Subtitles

Based on the comic with the same title, this series follows the adventures of police detective Sara Pezzini, the bearer of the Witchblade. The Witchblade is a powerful gauntlet-like weapon ...


IMDB: 6.5

Genders: Fantasy, Action

Countries: USA

Time: 60 min

Updated: one year ago

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English Witchblade.S01E11.DVDRip.x264-[gx].eng-HI one year ago 5 91.8KB
English Witchblade.S01E11.DVDRip.x264-[gx].eng one year ago 1 16.8KB
English Witchblade.S01E10.DVDRip.x264-[gx].eng-HI one year ago 1 20.7KB
English Witchblade.S01E10.DVDRip.x264-[gx].eng one year ago 1 19.7KB
English Witchblade.S01E09.DVDRip.x264-[gx].eng one year ago 1 17.7KB
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English Witchblade.S01E08.DVDRip.x264-[gx].eng-HI one year ago 1 18.8KB
English Witchblade.S01E08.DVDRip.x264-[gx].eng one year ago 1 17.4KB
English Witchblade.S01E07.DVDRip.x264-[gx].eng-HI one year ago 1 15.3KB
English Witchblade.S01E07.DVDRip.x264-[gx].eng one year ago 1 14KB
English Witchblade.S01E06.DVDRip.x264-[gx].eng-HI one year ago 1 17.9KB
English Witchblade.S01E06.DVDRip.x264-[gx].eng one year ago 0 0B
English Witchblade.S01E05.DVDRip.x264-[gx].eng one year ago 1 16.5KB
English Witchblade.S01E05.DVDRip.x264-[gx].eng-HI one year ago 1 17.4KB
English Witchblade.S01E04.DVDRip.x264-[gx].eng one year ago 1 15.4KB
English Witchblade.S01E04.DVDRip.x264-[gx].eng-HI one year ago 1 16.8KB
English Witchblade.S01E03.DVDRip.x264-[gx].eng-HI one year ago 1 15KB
English Witchblade.S01E03.DVDRip.x264-[gx].eng one year ago 1 13.9KB
English Witchblade.S01E02.DVDRip.x264.[gx].eng.-[Fits.also-PHASE] one year ago 1 13.7KB
English Witchblade.S01E02.DVDRip.x264.[gx].eng-HI.-[Fits.also-PHASE] one year ago 1 15.1KB
English Witchblade.S01E01.DVDRip-PHASE.eng one year ago 1 27.6KB
English Witchblade.S01E01.DVDRip.x264.[gx].eng one year ago 1 27.6KB
English Witchblade.S01E01.DVDRip.x264-[gx].eng-HI one year ago 0 0B
English Witchblade.S01E01.DVDRip-PHASE.eng-HI one year ago 1 30.2KB

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