Subtitles for Mushi-Shi

They are neither plants nor animals. They differ from other forms of life such as the micro-organisms and the fungi. Instead they resemble the primeval body of life and are generally known ...

Release: 12/04/2009

IMDB: 8.6

Genders: Drama, Animation, Fantasy

Countries: Japanese

Time: 25 min

Updated: 28 days ago

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Arabic Mushishi 09 3 months ago 1 9.8KB Netflix - Srt
Arabic Mushishi 08 3 months ago 1 7.7KB Netflix - Srt
Arabic Mushishi 07 3 months ago 1 9.4KB Netflix - Srt
Arabic Mushishi 06 3 months ago 1 8.8KB Netflix - Srt
Arabic Mushishi 05 3 months ago 1 8.2KB Netflix - Srt
Arabic Mushishi 04 3 months ago 1 7.4KB Netflix - Srt
Arabic Mushishi 03 3 months ago 1 8.3KB Netflix - Srt
Arabic Mushishi 02 3 months ago 1 6.3KB Netflix - Srt
Arabic Mushishi 01 3 months ago 1 9.2KB Netflix - Srt
Arabic [DF] Mushishi - Hihamukage [2A13EEF4] one year ago 1 15.6KB
Arabic mushishi ep 1 one year ago 1 9.5KB not mine
English Mushishi 1-26 complete 9 months ago 26 202.5KB i do not own it
English 06. Those Who Inhale the Dew (720p) DualAudio [KoTuWa]
06. Those Who Inhale the Dew (720p) DualAudio [KoTuWa] v2
Mushi-Shi (720p) DualAudio (En,Jp) eSub (HD BrRip) Mushishi + [KoTuWa]
one year ago 2 13.7KB English Subtitle for (Mushi-Shi) Mushishi [KoTuWa] v1 E 06. "06. Those Who Inhale the Dew (720p) DualAudio [KoTuWa].mp4". ASS format. [KoTuWa] v1 has no English Subs in EP 06. [KoTuWa]v2 has. Since V1 has audio delay too in EP06, getting E06 from v2 is recommended!.. Thank You!..
English Mushi-Shi (720p) DualAudio (En,Jp) eSub (HD BrRip) Mushishi + [KoTuWa]
06. Those Who Inhale the Dew (720p) DualAudio [KoTuWa]
one year ago 1 8.5KB English Subtitle for "06. Those Who Inhale the Dew (720p) DualAudio [KoTuWa].mkv" in "Mushi-Shi (720p) DualAudio (En,Jp) eSub (HD BrRip) Mushishi + [KoTuWa]" release. Extra: For that episode Audio Delay should be + 700 ms. (For time corrected, srt added release, get reuploaded v2 single episode... "Mushi-Shi.S01E06.720p.DualAudio.BrRip.[KoTuWa].v2.Time.Corrected.MushiShi.E06" :)
English Mushishi 1-26 one year ago 26 191.2KB not mine source ...
French Mushishi.25.fps.Fr one year ago 26 211.9KB Rip DVD zone 2 français
Indonesian Mushishi (BD 720p) 28 days ago 26 203.3KB Mushishi (BD 720p)(niizk)
Vietnamese Mushishi (2005) ( full 26 tap ) one year ago 26 236.1KB Copy