Subtitles for Angel Beats!

Rebellious teens fight in armed combat against one dispassionate girl's supernatural powers in an afterlife high school.

Release: 07/28/2013


Genders: Action, Animation, Sci-Fi

Countries: Japan

Time: 25 min

Updated: 11 months ago

List subtitles for Angel Beats!

Arabic Angel Beats - 02 one year ago 1 355B
Arabic Angel Beats Complete one year ago 12 167.6KB الحلقة الثانية موجودة في رابط خارجي نظرا لكبر مساحتها
English [Mazui] Angel Beats
[Mazui] Angel Beats - Another Epilogue
[Mazui] Angel Beats - Stairway To Heaven
one year ago 15 194.2KB
English Angel-Beats-08.ass one year ago 1 13.3KB
English Angel-Beats-10.ass one year ago 1 11.8KB
English Angel-Beats-09.ass one year ago 1 10.1KB
English Angel-Beats-05.ass one year ago 1 14.8KB
English Angel-Beats-07.ass one year ago 1 13.5KB
English Angel -Beats-02.ass one year ago 1 13.2KB
English Angel -Beats-03.ass one year ago 1 13.1KB
English Angel-Beats-06.ass one year ago 1 12.6KB
English Angel -Beats-04.ass one year ago 1 14.2KB
English Angel -Beats-01.ass one year ago 1 14.7KB
Farsi/Persian N/A one year ago 26 358.3KB دنیای انیمه و مانگا تقدیم می کند | | lightseeker : مترجم
Farsi/Persian Angel -Beats-03-Lightseeker62.ass one year ago 2 33.9KB
Farsi/Persian Angel -Beats-02-lightseeker62.ass one year ago 1 13.4KB
Farsi/Persian Angel -Beats-01- Lightseeker62.ass one year ago 1 14.9KB
Indonesian Angel Beats! Complete one year ago 14 325.1KB ReSync with BD 1080p Credit Fansubs Indonesia
Indonesian Angel Beats! episode 01 - 14 untuk versi bluray one year ago 15 352.1KB Subtitle by Aleki, Se~No!!, dan moesubs
Indonesian Angel Beats! episode 01- 14 one year ago 9 0B
Vietnamese Angel Beats! toàn tập. one year ago 15 166KB Chỉnh sửa khớp với bản BDRip.
Vietnamese [A4VF] Angel Beats (Full + OVA) one year ago 2 187.3KB